Tuesday, 7 October 2014

London - The Final Days

Well, I am most definitely back in the swing of things now. We've officially be home for a week and are both back to work, bills, study, etc! 

During out last week in London, we decided to go hard. After all, bill could wait, sleep could wait, time here was quickly running out!

TUESDAY - We headed to the Zoo!! We took a lovely walk through Regent Park, and got there about 10.30am. It was pretty much empty, and although we had some hassle paying to get in, all their efptos machines seemed to go down at once, we eventually got in. It was seriously the best day. We were there until about 3.30pm. 

It was a super fun day!

After a quick rest at home, we headed out to a bar for dinner and drinks with a friend, which was so lovely. We totally fell into bed exhausted when we got home!

WEDNESDAY - We split up and did our own thing today. Jesse went to a big Ingress meet up, and I did some shopping. 

THURSDAY - We hit up Borough Market for goodies today. Dad was arriving in the afternoon, so we thought would should get some food in to feed him! We fed ourselves first, of course.

Salt beef bagel for the win. Also, this bread was possibly the yummiest bread I have ever eaten in my life, and I've had a lot of bread. It was so heavy and dense and full of flavour. We absolutely devoured it. 

After Dad arrived and we had all eaten our fill, Jesse and I went to see a show called Ghost Stories. We both really really enjoyed it. Although we weren't scared, we watch a bucketload of horror films, the way it was done was really good, and it was very clever. There were people who were absolutely scared out of their wits. Some people even had to leave the show! Very enjoyable. 

FRIDAY - We had been patiently waiting for Dad to arrive before we went to Ottolenghi. But really, we should have gone there at least once per day. 

As there was 3 of us, and 9 salads, we each got 3 different salads and had a taste of all of them. My word. I would seriously eat here every day if I could. We bought some cakes and things to take home, which I didn't get to eat, because I got our return flight wrong, and we ended up leaving a day earlier than planned :(

Anyway, after eating our Ottolenghi feast, we hit up the Tate Modern, then collected some more food in Whole Foods, including afternoon tea

And headed home for a big family dinner. After I had spent half and hour on the phone to Qantas trying to change our flight, props the the Qantas woman for trying everything to get us on another flight, I let myself enjoy our last night in London. Luckily the family were over!

SATURDAY - Our last day. Jesse was too sick to get out of bed, poor dude. But Dad and I left early for one final shopping trip at Hamleys. I totally love Hamleys, it must be the most fun place to work ever. Dad bought me a Velociraptor for my collection.

As we were supposed to be going to an Indian Degustation that night for dinner, which we had to cancel because we were actually going to be on a plane, My Aunt took us to this beautiful Indian Buffet for lunch instead. Sadly, Jesse was still sick and missed out

I'll have to take him there next time we are in London. 

Then all too soon it was time to head back, finish packing and say goodbye

Geri whisked us to Paddington Station to get the Heathrow express, and all too soon I was saying goodbye to London. I absolutely shed some tears on the train. But, we will be back, soon. Very soon. 

I may have saved this Ottolenghi lollipop to eat on the plane. Man, it was the best lollipop I've ever eaten.