Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Life Lately

It's all happening!! It's only 17 days till we leave. I'm so excited!

I really honestly haven't been up to much lately. Just working, studying and watching a bucket load of TV. I feel like I'm in holiday mode already, which I shouldn't be, but I am just so very much looking forward to it!

Special Agent Dale Cooper went to the groomers and got a hair cut. He look hilarious, but is so much happier without all that hair. 

Jemima, Molly & Kranksy hung out while I took care of some filing.

I found this old photo of me. I've always been adorable :P

This dude likes to share my pillow sometimes.

I fulfilled my ultimate teenage life goal. I saw Hanson live in concert. They played Mmmbop and I had to sit down for a bit.


Sunday morning breakfast. 

Walks with this dude "I know the way mum!"

I guess I should get back to work!