Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Perth Cuvettes Body Parts Challenge - Waist

I'm finally back with another body parts challenge!! I got super motivated yesterday and took a whole bunch of photos, then realised I didn't have the tripod up high enough so my face looks a bit weird, but ANY HOO!

I really love the way this dress defines my waist, so that's why I chose it. It also makes my boobs look big, so that's a plus. 

I have quite a high waist. I don't know if it's because my body is quite short, I don't really care. I used to hate my torso as a whole, from boob to pelvis. It was too round, too big, too jiggly. 

But now I like to define it with belts, or show it off with crop tops. It's it still all those things, but its no longer 'too much' it just is. And I like ti that way. 

Dress - Hell Bunny (second hand)
Shoes - New Look via ASOS
Necklace - Birthday present from my girl Alex at Jet Georgette

How awesome is this dress?? I was so unsure about the white, mainly because I'm messy and I always end up with food all over me. But, when I saw it pop up on a buy/sell/swap page, I grabbed, and so glad I did. It's got a tattoo print all over it. 

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  1. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. The shoes. The sash. The way the bodice fits you. How sharp the monochrome looks. This is excellent.

  2. This dress is AWESOME and it looks amazing on you!! love the shoes too x

  3. Thank you! I love these shoes too!

  4. Love this. That dress is fabulous, gotta love monochrome. I would feel like I would spill on it too though, I am a super messy eater lol. And those shoes, oh those shoes. 6ou always have the best shoes.