Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Perth Curvettes Body Parts Challenge - Abdomen

This is my seconds last Body Parts post! I knew as soon as we chose abdomen as one of the parts, that I had to wear a bodycon dress. What better way to show it off??

I used to HATE my abdomen (don't most people?!?!) because it's where I carry a lot of my fat. It sticks out, and it jiggles. 

But, now I find myself holding it in my sleep. Gently caressing it when I'm sitting down. It's the place that Kransky snuggles in to. It's where I'll grow a baby. 

It's soft, and squishy and it's mine. 

Long sleeved Crop Top - ASOS
Dress - ASOS Curve 
Shoes - Ebay

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