Wednesday, 30 April 2014

What I Wore - Birthday Girl

So, I told you all about my birthday adventures the other day. While we were driving to Freo, Jesse took me on a detour to a park that had dinosaurs in it!! I decided that some impromptu outfit shots were in order. The lighting is terrible, but hey, it's me, with dinosaurs!!

So, this is what I wore earlier in the day to go to Cervantes

A quick change of shoes, a jacket and my amazing new clutch, and I was ready to head in to Freo for a Stereoflower show

I know. Sometimes I am too cool for my own good!!

Jacket - City Chic (last season)
Top - New Look
Jeans - ASOS Curve (similar)
Shoes - Big W
Bag - Birthday present cool is this bag? It's a freaking holographic unicorn. Coolest darn present (Thanks Nell!!)

So that's me, hanging with some dinosaurs. I have more pictures of me and dinosaurs coming up soon!!


  1. OMFG! That clutch is the tits! x x

  2. Cutie! I love those jeans and I wore the same top as you on your birthday! That bag is really awesome!

  3. sparklesandglue3 May 2014 at 11:08

    I love love love that bag! You always seem to be having so much fun! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Isn't it! I nearly screamed when I got it! x

  5. Thats super awesome!! thank you!! x

  6. Thank you!! Yes, I do get up to a bit of mischief!! x