Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What I Wore - Sunday Casual

So, technically I wore this on a Monday, but it still counts, because I would have worn it if the show I wore it too was on a Sunday...if that makes sense??

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this skirt already. It's probably my all time favourite skirt ever in the history of skirts. 

Yeah, that's right. It's a cowboy hunks skirt. As soon as I saw this baby, I knew it had to be mine. 

I like to keep my top and shoes pretty simple when I wear this skirt. It needs to be the star of the outfit. 

skirt - Ali Buttons
Top - Kmart
Shoes - Jelly Beans

I really need to tidy my backyard! Anyway, there you have it my casual Sunday outfit with my absolute favourite skirt!

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  1. What a cool skirt! Also, perfect colour coordination!

  2. Best skirt ever! Loving the jellies too.

  3. Thank you! Sometimes I think I go a bit overboard with the colour coordination!

  4. Isn't it!! I'm so in love with jellies its probably bordering on an obsession.