Thursday, 9 January 2014

Things I Love Thursday

Via ASOS Curve
 I LOVE this playsuit. I love the colour, the pattern, everything. want, want, want!
Via City Chic

Pink tartan is awesome. Loving this City Chic dress

Via Brett Kern Art

This is ceramic!! How cool is it! I really want one for my new house

Via The PDF Files

Via The PDF Files

I had to restrain myself from spending $90 on these planters yesterday. They are so totally rad, and I want lots of them scattered round my house filled with succulents and cacti. That isn't too much to ask is it??


  1. Oh man, those planters are fantastic! Also loving the pink tartan dress!

  2. I reckon you could diy the planter, they look like modified toys?

  3. They are. But I fail hard at DIY. As much as I try, and as much as I want to be, I was not meant to be a crafter.

  4. Those planters are rad. So is the pink tartan. tartan *eyes glaze over*