Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life Lately

I haven't done one of these posts for AGES! Life has been totally crazy these last few months. We moved up to my folks house just before Christmas, all our stuff went into storage. But we are finally moved in, and pretty much settled in our new home. Just gotta move my office home this weekend, and I'm pretty set. 

Here are some snaps from the last few weeks. 

Pretty succulents I bought for the new house. I need to get 1 more pot.

this dude. 

Date night with Jesse. This is my living room. 

My new planner arrived! yay!

I went out to lunch on Saturday. I had pork belly to start

and duck for main. I had already tucked in when I took the photo. And I forgot to take one of my dessert. 

Jesse and I had both our families over on Monday to celebrate our new home. I wore this dress (blog post coming soon!)

I think this is the best photo of these two I have ever snapped. 

Amazing lamp I got from Abby. It's going in my office!

Nell made this rabbit. It's so cute. I think this is going to go in my office too.

Aaron made us these amazing bookends! AMAZING!

So that's what's been happening. Once I get my office set up, I might do a bit of a new house tour...maybe. 


  1. Oh Kransky! He's such a cutie, he certainly looks comfy cuddled up on that pillow!

  2. He loves that pillow! every chance he gets he cuddles up on it!!