Friday, 2 August 2013

Life, Lately

Most of this week has been taken up with Kransky and getting in to a routine with him, but we still managed to head out for date night on Wednesday. Jesse spent an hour researching where he wanted to go, and we ended up at this quaint little Japanese place in a quite little corner of the city, call Yoshiya.

The only seafood I will eat is fresh Tuna. Preferably raw. This sashimi was excellent.

Beef Tataki. It was soft and full of flavour. One of the best I've had.

There was also tempura snow peas, but we are them before I took the photo. They are the bomb.

We also had an absolutely amazing teriyaki chicken cooked on the teppanyaki hot plate. Seriously great food for a seriously good price. We were stuffed and happy! And, it's BYO.

While exploring out the back at work, Kransky found this amazing mushroom pile.

These two melt my heart

I bought some steps for Kransky so he is able to get up on the couch. Major Tom, although he can jump on the couch by himself, really enjoyed using them last night too.

I got to cuddle Major Tom last night. He has finally forgiven me for bringing Kransky home. They even had a moment.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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