Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What I Wore - The Dress of My Dreams

Seriously, I can not tell you how many years I have been on the hunt for this dress. I am ALWAYS wanted a dungaree dress. I don't know why, I just have. And finally, finally, ASOS Curve made one. And I bought it. And it is amazing.

I am very sick in these photos. I have an awful cold. But, JUST LOOK HOW HAPPY THIS DRESS MAKES ME!!!!

I'm thinking I might wear it with a crop top underneath. Total bad ass fat babe right here. 

Can I also just mention how rad my shoes are. These were my first ever pair of flatforms, and they made me fall in love with flatforms. These sneakers are like walking on clouds. 

Dress - ASOS Curve
Top - City Chic
Leggings - City Chic
Socks - Sock Dreams
Sneakers - eBay


  1. Guh! I LOVE this outfit, those shoes & sock combo are amazing! I'm lusting after this dress so bad, I just can't afford it. I have my fingers crossed it may go on sale eventually or a good discount code will come out, because it's just amazing! And YES! I wanna see you rock it with a crop top!

  2. I LOVE that dress so much. Gahhhhgeous!

  3. Oh my gawd I love this! The dress, the shoes, everything! You would totally rock that with a crop top underneath!

  4. Thank you so much!! I hope you can get it, it really is an amazing dress! x

  5. Thank you so much!! I'm totally going to do the crop top thing!