Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What I Wore - Casual & Comfy

It is rainy and miserable in Perth today. Which makes a change really, it's been super sunny and pleasant for a large portion of the last few weeks. I quite like the rain though. Particularly when I'm at home in a onesie on the couch!

Saturday, I had to work, and then throw myself in to my study, so I wanted an outfit that was going to be smart, casual, comfortable and warm. 

This jumper is another item that I purchased in my fog of ear/jaw pain a little while ago. It is so soft and lovely! The shorts are high wasted, and also so comfortable. Nice and stretchy and perfect for lounging.

I also ended up meeting my folks for lunch in between work and study, which was nice. Mum mentioned that I looked casual and comfortable! 

Jumper - ASOS Curve 
Shorts - New Look (Via ASOS)
Leggings - City Chic
Shoes - Kmart

I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday so far. I'm off to make another cup of coffee!!


  1. Very cute! I love that jumper. For a second I thought you had secretly gotten a new tattoo sleeve!

  2. haha! That's what I thought when I first got it :)