Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What I Wore - Pink & Black Forever

You're probably all so over seeing my City Chic skater dress outfit posts, but I just love them so much! They are seriously comfortable! 

I have no idea what is going on when my hair in these photos. It was pre-fringe cut, that's all I have to say!! 

Pink and black has got to be my all time favourite colour combo. 

I just love the skirt on this dress, it's pleated at the top, and just falls really nicely. I also love the vinyl and studs on the shoulders, and the zip. Ok, I love it all!! This is another sale pick up of mine. They only had an M left, and I'm usually an S in the skater dresses, but it fit perfectly when I put it on!

Dress - City Chic
Long Sleeved Crop Top - ASOS
Fishnets - We Love Colours
Shoes - Kmart


  1. I love skater dresses, they are just so easy to style/wear. You look gorgeous, I love the details on the shoulders and those tights are the perfect little touch of colour xo

  2. Aren't they!? They are a total wardrobe staple for me. Thanks so much! x