Thursday, 13 June 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! This week I've been getting up earlier, so I can do yoga every morning. One on my '30 by 30' goals is to do yoga regularly, I've been doing it regularly on the weekend, but I want to do it every day. 

Via Redbubble

Jesse sent me the link to this t-shirt the other day. I want it so bad!

Via LuvKnotz

This is just too cute. I need one for my future babies!

Via D Project

I want 30 of these on my birthday cake next year. Family, take note!

This Stop Hating Your Body post

One of my favourite body positive warriors was named one of the best plus size models! Read the article here

And finally, this photo set is just beautiful.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday!!

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