Thursday, 6 June 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I'm really excited about this weeks Things I Love Thursday!

Via Finest Imaginary

Everyone knows about my obsession with dachshunds  These earrings are just too cute! I can't wait to have a real one of my very own!

Via Pigeonhole

My sister in law told me about this amazing dinosaur ring she had just seen. And this is it. And it is amazing. And I want it. 

Via Trashy Doll

I mean really, any dinosaur accessory I'm going to want. I love the face on this one!

Via Domino Dollhouse

I am loving this skirt by Domino Dollhouse. It's part of their new Nuclear Seasons range. I love the zip!

Via Tumblr
I know everyone on the Internet has seen this photo by now, but I love it. This needs to happen at my wedding.

This Barbie & Ken wedding album is pretty great.

This Earth cake, baked to teach kids about the Earth and it's crust, looks delicious. And educational! 

Beluga Whales are the cutest! Look at them!

And finally, these works of art are just amazing!

I hope everyone is enjoy their Thursdays as much as I am!

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