Friday, 5 April 2013

Aussie Curves - Belts

I've only recently started wearing belts. Apart from wearing them to hold up my jeans, I've never really been a big belt wearer. But, I've got a bit of a collection happening now, and I find myself wearing them much more often. 

This belt is actually a new one. I had some time to kill yesterday morning waiting for the bank to open, so I was wandering around Kmart. As well as picking up a bag I'd had my eye on (reduced to $5!) I also spotted this belt. I like that it's kinda plain, but still has the tiny studs. 

White t-shirt - Kmart
Dress - New Look
Belt - Kmart
Leggings - Kmart
Shoes - Kmart
(I didn't realise I was wearing so much Kmart till just then!)

I bought this dress from New look, it came in a 2 pack with a plain navy one. I really like it. It's just casual and comfortable.


  1. Such a cute casual outfit!

  2. I didn't really start wearing belts until last summer, and I have never looked back. It gets kind of addicting! You look great, I love that dress.

  3. It is kind of addicting! I have so many belts in my Asos wishlist! Thank you!

  4. very cute :)

  5. Love this outfit! The belt is all kinds of fab and this dress is just what I've been looking for! New Look here I come.

  6. Thanks! Yes, these dresses are super awesome. I wasn't sure how good they'd be when I ordered them, but I'm going to order some more, because they are just perfect :) x