Monday, 4 February 2013

Life, Lately

Wow. Well the fun just hasn't stopped for me. I realised yesterday that I haven't had a rest or day off for the last 14 days. I am so exhausted! But, my house is nearly ready to be officially listed for sale, so that's exciting! My Dad and I painted my red feature wall on Sunday, while my Mum finished packing up a few bits and pieces  Jesse and I have to do one more trip today, and it's done!

Also, I thought I had lost my bag of dinosaurs, but I found them yesterday. I have never been so happy. Well, I have, but you know!

Not much time to take photo's lately, but here is a few.

New banners for my business market stall

It was so hot yesterday at the markets. Even at 6am!

I made a delicious chicken couscous salad for dinner last night

Today's outfit. Not bad for someone as tired as I am!
Also, I started on the baking soda hair wash, and so far I'm loving the results. Have any of you tried it? What are your recipes? How have you found it?

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