Thursday, 3 January 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I've only missed one Things I Love Thursday post, but it feels like much longer than that since I've done one!! I picked up a heap of things from my Asos whishlist for Christmas, and in the sales, but here are some things I'm still lusting after

Via Target

I just adore this cute little playsuit. It's sleepwear, and it looks like it'd be soooo comfy. It's on sale at the moment, so I might go see if I can grab one. I hope they have size fat.


I've had my eye on this skirt from Swak for a while. I'm so in to this sort of teal colour at the moment, and I just think they skirt is super cute.
Via aurimascontra

I love this jigsaw rug! You can put the pieces together however you want them to go! It comes in heaps of different colours. I might have to get one for the new house.

Via Domino Dollhouse

Via Domino Dollhouse

Domino Dollhouse have released part 2 of the Astralnauts collection, and of course I am in love. These 2 pieces particularly. 

That's it for this week. I know I post mainly clothes and shoes, but I don't wear much jewellery...maybe I need to look at more, then I might wear more! I really really like homewares too, so I will make an effort to post things other than clothing in these posts! hehe


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