Friday, 25 January 2013

Happy For

I really have had a bit of a crazy week. But a good kind of crazy. This weekend is going to be super nuts as well, so it's nice to take time to think about what I am happy for this week.

Star Trek - I'm a fairly new watcher. It's not that I was against it, I just never did. But, Jesse sat me down to watch The Next Generation, and I am obsessed. We just finished the series earlier in the week, and the last movie last night. We are going to start on Voyager next, and I can't wait.

Moving - I know this is a strange one to have on the list. Moving is crap. But, it means that the plans Jesse and I have are moving forward. This is the first step in cementing our life together. This is the first step to buying a house thats 'ours'. So it's on the list.

Family Time - Tuesday night we had dinner at Mum & Dad's. My 2 brothers, sister and niece were there too. It was such a lovely night, it always is when we get together. And I love all the time we get to spend together.

New Books - I'm currently working on a '30 by 30' list, and one of the tasks is to read at least 15 new books. I'm so excited. I love reading, and I just don't take the time to sit and do it anymore. I've nearly finised the first of my new book, and I have 4 more waiting. 

Twix - I love Twix bars, and I ate one on Tuesday and it made me happy. Enough said.

PS - Also, I just created a Facebook page for my blog yesterday. If you like my blog, it would mean so much to me, if you liked my Facebook page also. You can just click here to do so! Thanks!


  1. TWIX!!! I am SUCH a twix girl. Also, Star Trek is AMAZING. My favorite is The Original Series and Deep Space Nine. <3

    1. How good are twix's? I haven't watched either of those yet, I'm pretty sure we are going to watch Deep Space Nine after Voyager. I know that's the wrong way around, but eh :) x

  2. Heading to facebook now to add a like!

    And not just because you like Star Trek & twix, though I'd be lying if I said that didn't help~*