Thursday, 20 December 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Only 5 sleeps!! Today is also my last day of work, then I am on holidays for 2 weeks! I am so looking forward to winding down and letting my mind relax for a bit. Also, spending time with my sweetheart.

But, this is what I've loved this week

Via Charles of London

Via Charles of London

Via Charles of London
Charles of London have amazing Bowie clothing! Imagine wearing a suit with Bowie's face all over it. Genius!

Via Eat Me Clothing
 My sister in law sent these to me last night, and I had to include them. They are all kinds of amazing. If I had these, I would probably never take them off. 

Via Asos

This robot brooch is so cute! I love embroidered brooches. 

Via Asos

This wriggle dress is just gorgeous!

Via Asos
I also love this galaxy top. 

Speaking of Asos. Nearly everything on my wishlist is on stupid mega sale. I am upset over this, as I will basically have no spare money until April. I can't believe how cheap the things are! It's like torture!!!!

I also these these Science World Museum billboards are cool.

I have to admit, that I laughed pretty hard at some of these.

Well that's it for today!


  1. I love the David Bowie shirts!

    I came over from the totally awesome blog hop, by the way.

    1. Aren't they amazing!!

      Thanks for stopping by!