Thursday, 13 December 2012

Things I Love Thursday

This is a pretty quickly thrown together Things I Love Thursday. I've been too busy to do my usual online browsing, but I managed to find these amazing things!

Via Miskondunct

Um, hello, it's a Christmas dress! If only I have come across this earlier, and could order it in time to wear on Christmas Day.

Via Out of Print Clothing

This The Very Hungry Caterpillar t-shirt is super awesome!

Via Emerald City

It's a ring with a T-Rex on it. I shouldn't have to say any more.

Via Lark

This blackboard spice jar is so cute! When Jesse and I get our new house, I might have to get these for our mountains of spices. 

Via Lark

This little purse is super cute!

Via Monster Supplies
This salt made from tears range. I want it. 

Via Monster Supplies
Also, this tin of Escalating Panic sweets.

I'll be starting my Christmas baking very shortly, I'm trying out some new things this year, so watch out for recipes coming your way!

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  1. The blackboard spice jar is too adorable!