Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Life, Lately

2 weeks!! woo hoo!! At the beginning on December, I decided to see if I could fit in 25 Christmas movies by Christmas day (post about this coming soon!). Now, that seems pretty simple, 1 per day, but it's not that easy. With all the catch-up engagements, and things, I don't get the chance to watch 1 per day, but I've watched 14 already (yep, really) and I've made plans to watch my last one, Love Actually, with my mama on Christmas Eve with bubbles and chocolate :)

So, this is what has been happening around here lately

Jesse bought me these awesome straws! You can BUILD YOUR OWN STRAW! It's amazing. 

This was my first straw. But, at dinner the other night, we were discussing how I could build a straw with 3 ends, so I could, for example, drink from 3 glasses, or bottles, at once, and make a cocktail. The possibilities are endless!!

I ate this Kinder Santa

I went to the shop to get some last minute Christmas things, and this for $4. I couldn't possibly leave the store without it. 

I had some cuddles with Kitty. When I'm lying on my side on the couch, he insists on lying on my side.

I put up my new snowflake lights. I originally put them here, on the shelves in the lounge, but then I changed my mind and moved them to the bedroom.

Pretty snowflakes!

I made a yummy stir fry on Sunday night (recipe to come!)

I bought and ate this giant pretzel.

I LOVE banana paddle pops, I've got a box stashed in the freezer at work. In fact, I might go have one right now!


  1. Dropping in on you from the BBN :)

    I LOVE watching Christmas movies this time of year (Well, any time really..) I always watch the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family so I've always watched one every night in December for a couple of years.
    Those straws are awesome!!

  2. those straw things are so cool! And your kitty is super cute! I am trying to get into the Christmas Spirit too, I've hung a few lights and decorated the stockings. Happy Christmas movie watching!!


  3. Mmm!! I love Kinder chocolates. They're one of my favorites. Every time I go to the World market store I make sure to pick some up. Have your tried those kinder eggs? The little prizes inside are so cute!!