Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lately - Springsteen, Bunnies & Dresses

I am so excited that it is only 6 days until Christmas! I have only got today and tomorrow left of work, and then I am on holidays. Friday (providing the world doesn't end) I'm getting my leg tattoo finished (!!) and then I'm going to an End of The World, Last Supper party. I have to bring the meal I would want to eat if it was my last. I am having trouble with this, because I love food so much, it's hard to narrow down what I would want the last thing I eat to be. I'm strongly leaning towards cake.

I am doing well on my 25 Christmas Movies before Christmas Day task. I will post about this in a couple of days. 

So, here is what's been happening with me these last few days!

My Sister and I bought tickets to go and see Bruce Springsteen in March. Now, of course, he isn't coming to Perth, where we live, so we are flying over East to see him. This is exciting. We are leaving all partners and kids at home and having a Sisters weekend!

Friday night when I curled up to watch a Christmas movie before Jesse got home, Kitty decided to curl up on me. 

My best friends head about 2 hours our of the city for Christmas, so we usually have our own catch up before they go. This year it was burritos. I got so super spoiled! I got 3 things for my Asos wishlist. A dress, an extra pouffy skirt and a collar.

 I snapped these cute pictures of the bunnies enjoying their dinner.

Excuse the quality and the facial expressions on these photos. I just got a new tripod, and I was playing around with it quickly yesterday. This is my new dress! I wore it to go meet Jesse at Print Hall last night for a few drinks and a meal at The Apple Daily.

I paired my new dress with my new Jump From Paper bag!

And these 2 I just thew in because I was playing with my tripod again this morning. Hopefully i'll get better at posing, and my face won't look so dumb :) This is one of my new favorite outfits. The shirt, because it has a bunny on it, and the skirt is just so comfy. I have it in black as well.

The next couple of days will see lots of Christmas baking, so keep an eye out for all the deliciousness!


  1. I'm going to an End of the World potluck as well, but it never occurred to us to make it the last meal you'd want to eat - brilliant!

    1. I have having major difficulties trying to decide what I'd want my last meal to be though! Enjoy your party, let's hope the world doesn't' really end!!

  2. Ek! Your bunnies are so cute!! I have a tiny Dwarf English Spot bunny named Bunners. He is a special needs bunny (blind) and I love him so much! What are your bunnies names?


    1. Oh that's so sweet! I love my bunnies so much too, they're personalities are so different! The black and white one (my big boy, we've been together 4 years now!) is Major Tom, and the little white fluff ball is Special Agent Dale Cooper, and he's only about 5 months old. They both make me so happy :)