Thursday, 22 November 2012

Things I Love Thursday

It's only 4 weeks dudes! 4 weeks! And I've got a whole 2 weeks off over Christmas. And I get to spend at least 5 of them with Jesse. Full days. Together. woo hoo!

The things I love this week are all clothes! Since I've accepted that I will probably always be a fat girl, and quit dieting, I finally got rid of all those 'I'll hang on to it and wear it when I loose weight' clothes. And, while being extremely liberating, I've got rid of nearly my entire wardrobe. So, I'm on a mission to slowly build it up again with awesome Plus size clothes. So, I've spend many hours lusting over various pieces  These are on my 'must buy immediately' list.

Via Myer

These pants are AMAZING! I need to have them in my life.

Via Myer

I love this shirt. It's a simple piece  but the cut out at the back just gives it something more. It would look awesome with the floral pants.

Via Myer

I love the colour of these jeans. And also the zips. 

Via Asos

I think wearing this dress I would feel slightly like a princess. And sometimes we just need to feel like that. 

Via Asos

I've got this sudden obsession with shorts and playsuits. I think it's because I'm finally not scared of showing off my knees, but this playsuit is super cute!

Via Emily McDowell Illustration
I know this isn't clothes, but I'm still on the look out for the perfect print for the bedroom, and I love this.

And lastly, I was looking at this yesterday, and some of it is not so funny, but other bits had me laughing out loud. 

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