Monday, 12 November 2012

Instagram Dump/Weekend Update

It's officially only 6 weeks till Christmas!! woo hoo!! Corrina and I were driving home from a baby shower on Saturday, and seeing as we were driving past Ikea, we had no choice but to drop in, and OH MY! I never knew they had such an amazing Christmas selection! I bought SOOOO much great wrapping stuff! I would have bought the awesome decorations too, but Jesse would have moved out. 

That's pretty much everything I did on the weekend, apart from watch a bucket load of Full House, and make macarons. Here are some photos from this last week

 I ordered some stuff from Asos, and amoung the order were these shorts. They are quite short. But, I wore them. I overcame my fear of showing my knees. Granted I had stockings on, but I wore them. I am working my way up to wearing them without stockings

 Major Tom and Special Agent Dale Cooper in rare moment of being well behaved.

 Kitty found a new place to sit. In behind the couch cushions. 

 I made toad in the hole. One of my favourite meals. I'll post the recipe later this week.

 I bought these two new Soda Stream flavours. The Mojito one tasts like those mint leaf lollies.

 Snuggling bunnies

 Macarons, pre-baking. 


Sundays are for giant cups of tea and Full House marathons.

That's it for today! 

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