Monday, 19 November 2012

Festivals, Soufflés & Dresses

IT'S ONLY 5 WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS! Just putting it out there. I will start to become unbearable, the closer to Christmas it gets. 

Well, I had a really busy couple of days. I accidentally went back to Ikea on Friday to get more of their amazing wrapping goodies. I went to The Beaufort Street festival with Mum and Dad on Saturday. They basically close off the whole of Beaufort St and have heaps of food stalls, and music, and general goodness. It was a really fun day, much better than these things usually are. It was super hot, and the bouncers at one of the bars were just ridiculous. We were going in to see Stereoflower play, and as we were standing in line, Blythe (Stereoflower's drummer) came up to the gate to get in, and they sent her to the back of the line, even though she had the wrist band that identified her as part of a band. Then, Alex came up to see if Dad had the batteries he needed, and dad handed the over to Alex, and then the bouncer said that Dad could go in if he was with the band. Then, when we got to the front of the line, they tried to get Blythe to show her ID. I understand the need for bouncers, but surely the need to be able to show a little bit of discretion and common sense. 

Yesterday I went to see the new Woody Allen film To Rome With Love, with my Mum. We were the only ones in the cinema! But, the movie was great! I think you either love or hate Woody Allen, and I love him. 

Here are some photo's from the last week.

Jesse and I decided to make a 3 course meal on Wednesday night. I was in charge of the goats cheese Soufflés. They were so yummy and light we are 2 each!

This was the dessert course. Lemon cheesecake. I had made it the night before. Recipe will be coming later this week.

I made Teriyaki chicken on Thursday night. So yummy and easy.

Friday was hot, and all I wanted to eat was chicken rice paper rolls. So I made some.

Burger I ate on Saturday. I was good, but no Rockpool burger.

I saw a giant moose!

Stereoflower at The Beaufort Street festival.

My Mum and me, waiting for a bus. Looking hot and tired after walking the entire festival, and being in the sun all day. But, don't we look lovely in our dresses?

Dad snapped this shot of me too!

There was also lots of Full House watching, and spending time with that gorgeous boy of mine. 

I also listed a few more things on eBay. Links are under the photos

Bat Skirt

Bird Skirt

Cherry Skirt

Cupcake Skirt

Cherry Swing Skirt

Leopard print top
I have another fairly busy week ahead of me, but I'm excited about it. Look out for some more recipes coming later this week!


  1. Yumm! Chicken teriyaki is my favorite food :3

    1. I'll be posting the recipe soon, it's so simple to make, and so yummy!