Thursday, 25 October 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I missed posting 'Things I Love Thursday' last week, due to an expo I was working, so this weeks is going to be a bit bigger than normal.

Via Book Depot

I know, it's completely tacky to want this cook book, but I'm not ashamed. I want it. 

Via Sweetcheeks Stitches

Via Sweetcheeks Stitches

When Jesse and I buy our new house, I will have room to set up a sewing machine, and will be able to make cool skirts like this, but until then, I will covet these awesome Star Wars skirts.

And, finally, as a follow up to this post, I thought I would share some posts about fat acceptance. These posts are far more articulate than mine, and offer links to some books, and other bloggers, if you want to read further. You can read these posts here and here.

Finally, in case you've some doubts, I'm sharing The Body Images Project. These are photos that showcase all the sizes, and shapes of beauty. And they are wonderful. I was watching a show about plastic surgery the other day, and I was so astounded by the idea of attaining the perfect body. These people did drastic things to make themselves 'perfect', when really, they were all perfect to begin with. 

Oh, and I am having a MASSIVE closet clean out this weekend, and will be listing some things on eBay. I'll post some links up here when I've got it all sorted, but keep an eye out for that, I know there is stuff that still have the tags on!

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