Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Life, Lately

Hello, Hello! I know I have been super absent, but my business is about to have an exhibit at an expo, and I've been flat out organising it!

I thought I would drop in and show you some photos of things that have been happening in my life lately

Orange Creme Caramel at The Cavern

Yep. That's an egg full of slime and dinosaurs.

Outline of my newest tattoo. Colour will be coming soon.

Coop decided that laying on his dinner was better than eating it. 

Why am I so drawn to toys that come in eggs?

Toys that came in the above egg! SO CUTE!

Halloween means eyeball lollies!

Spotted this little guy near my house yesterday

Coop laying ON Major Tom. These two crack me up
So, it's the usual really! Food, Dinosaurs & Bunnies! And Jesse, lots of Jesse.

I'll be back tomorrow with Things I Love Thursday!

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