Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Saturday night, I took Jesse on a late night rendezvous to meet my Aunt and pick up the newest edition to our household. 

This little dude is Special Agent Dale Cooper, or Coop for short. And he is just adorable. He is mostly fluff, and weighs less than my iPhone. He has only been around for 2 days, and has already made himself right at home. 

At first, there was a little resistance from Major Tom, he had to assert his dominance, but once that was all over with, they started touching their noses and grooming each other. And now they are very much in love. So much so that when I put them in their respective hutches last night, they both kicked up such a stink. I put them both in Major Tom's hutch and they settled down together. It is so adorable. 

I was a little worried that Major Tom wouldn't accept him, but I'm so glad that it has all worked out. They've even started ganging up on the Kitty, poor Kitty!


  1. SO MUCH CUTENESS IN ONE PLACE!!!! I love bunnies. :)

    1. I love them too! And they are cute, but also very mischief!!