Monday, 10 September 2012

Honest To Blog - Me

This is an Honest To Blog post about me! So here we go. And, I will start in the most obvious of places.

I really love Jesse. My life is infinitely better because you are in it. You are an amazing and beautiful person, and you make me feel so safe. One of the things I find particularly pleasing is that you always fall asleep before me, even when you say you aren't tired. 

I honestly believe that when I twitch my nose, and think what I want to say, Major Tom can understand what I'm saying to him. 

I really hate when I answer the phone and the person on the other end says 'Oh a real person'. I immediately know that it's the person who has rung 6 times in the past hour, but refused to leave a message, even though it clearly states that my phone is often unattended. 

I really love Glee, and I'm not afraid to admit it. (New season starts this week, woohoo)

Second to the above post - I really hate that people feel the need to be ashamed or embarrassed about the things they like. Why? Not every person you know and love is going to have THE EXACT SAME LIKES AND DISLIKES as you. That'd just be weird. 

In saying that though, I'll judge you if you have a my family sticker on your car. I will immediately think you're an idiot. Apart from being dumb, HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A HORROR MOVIE?!!? You've just told every serial killer you pass how many people are in your family. They could follow you home and slaughter you all!

I will never understand the need to be rude. Especially if I am trying to help you do something. There is no need for it. Ever.

I'm totally a morning person. 

I prefer to do most of my shopping online. Not just because it's convenient, and a bazillion times cheaper. But because I hate physically going to the shops. I start to get frustrated as soon as I pull into the car park. I really really can't stand when people can't park their cars properly. In my opinion if you can't park the car you drive, you either do not drive, or find a car you can park. I honestly do not see what is so hard about getting your car straight in a bay. If you park over the line, or so crooked that you are actually parked across my car (yes, this has happened to me) you are a selfish rude and lazy person, and I hope that evil things rain down upon you. Then, once I get into the shop, I get so upset by peoples carelessness, and complete lack of awareness. They walk out of shops without looking, right into you, they come to a complete stop in the middle of an aisle and block it with their trolley, they don't say 'excuse me', they stand up close to you in the line to pay, as if invading my personal space will make the line move quicker. They care about no one else but themselves. And come the Zombie Apocalypse, I hope they are the first to be turned. (I know that was really harsh, but I honestly do feel that strongly. And obviously, this isn't every single person in the shop, but it is most of them)

I am a total romantic. 

I used to be afraid of everything. Yup, everything. I remember my Dad asking me when I was little what I was afraid of, and I said everything. Most things I'm not afraid of anymore, things like being myself, thinking what I want to think, being home alone, buses. And there are some things I am still afraid of, the dark, ghosts, the monster under the bed...I am being completely serious. I will not sleep with any limbs hanging over the edge of the bed in case that monster gets hungry, has a nibble, and I wind up missing a toe. or a foot. No. 

I tell Corrina absolutely everything. I honestly don't think we have many, if any, secrets. I speak to her nearly every day. I love her unconditionally. 

I hate taking out the rubbish. I would rather let it pile up outside my front door than pick it up and carry it to the bin. Which is right near my car.

If I have a choice, I will always pick staying home over going out. Don't get me wrong, I love going out. I love getting dressed up, but I really really love being at home. Preferably sans pants. 

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