Monday, 13 August 2012

Toby Turns Three!!

My littlest nephew, Toby, turned 3 on the weekend!! My sister threw him an owl party. It was super fun. Although, children hyped up on sugar are a bit too much. And some of them get mean. But, I had fun. I was ready for a nap and some green food when I got home, both of those happened, and I spent the evening watching Breaking Bad. 

Here are some pictures from the party

Owl decorations that Grace made

Toby hitting the pinata

Dad will help

Ivy's turn

Jacob has a go

Tim wants a go, so helps Ivy

Grace decides to stab the pinata

She looks a little too happy with that knife in her hand

All that bashing finally paid off, and there are lollies EVERYWHERE

Playing musical statues

Birthday Cake!!

Blowing out the candles

mmmm cake

Ivy and Toby


Playing pretend cricket

sitting with Uncle Tim

The birthday boy. With chocolate everywhere!

Sunday, I got to hang out with my favourite girl! We headed in to Subi to have some churros. Corrina wanted to order everything on the menu, but I convinced her that getting a fondue for two, and a churros for one to share would be plenty of food, and, if she wanted more after that, we could get more. She didn't want any more.


Fondue for Two

Sunday night was spent cuddling with my man. All in all a very delightful weekend!

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