Thursday, 9 August 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Jesse made the mistake of telling me about a new waffle place in the city, and now all I can think about is waffles. Then, this morning I thought we might go there for dinner tonight, AND THEY ARE CLOSED ON THURSDAYS!!!! Who closes on a Thursday? I want my s'mores waffle!! We might have to shoot over for a late night waffle tomorrow night when Jesse gets home from work. 

Via David & Goliath

Um, hello, it's a dinosaur eating a cupcake, what's not to love about this t-shirt??

Via David & Goliath

Yeah, that's a hip hop bunny.

Via JB

Via Flapper Doodle

Via Flapper Doodle

I love these two prints from Flapper Doodle! 

Via Asos

I've had this ice cream jumper on my Asos wish list for ages. I love it. 

Via Pony Chops

Pony Chops hand paint shoes. I love these with the pugs on them, sadly the don't have my size.

I think that's enough for this week! It's my nephew, Toby's birthday on the weekend, and I am super looking forward to his party! My sister has been busy making owl decorations, and I just know it's going to look rad.

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