Thursday, 16 August 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I really love that it's Thursday today. It means that there is only 3 more days until Jesse and I escape down south for 4 days. I simply cannot wait!

Via Asos
I'm a sucker for satchels at the moment. I have one on order from eBay, and I really hope it arrives before I go away!


I have no words for how adorable this is. Maybe I should get Major Tom a stuffed dinosaur?

Via Sourpuss

I have wanted this ribcage jumper for ages!


These storm trooper nails are rad

Via Neatoshop
I really really really love this dinosaur container. Really love it.

This is the best YouTube clip I have ever seen. Ever. I wish I had seen it in real life. 

My sister sent me this photo of Toby yesterday, he was lining up the dinosaurs I gave him so they could 'share' his dinner. What a dude! I'm going to have him following in my footsteps in no time! 

And, lastly, I love my new lacy nails. I used the Sally Hansen nail strip thingos. 

That's it for this week! But, if you're a creme brulee lover like myself, look out for tomorrows post!!

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