Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tattoos & Why I Hate Trains

I really struggle to find the words to appropriately express how wonderful my life is right now. So much has happened in such a short space on time, to completely turn my life around. And it's pretty amazing. But, this isn't another gushy lovey post. 

For my littlest brother, Alex's, 18th birthday, I gave him a tattoo. It's taken him 3 years to decide what he wanted to get. But, on Sunday we headed down to Ruby Tuesday Tattoo to get it done. He got a little bee behind his ear. The bee is a symbol used for his band, Mulder. It's really rad. 

I had a tattoo done a couple of years ago, that was totally stuffed up by the artist that did it. He had tattooed me before, and I was happy with his work, but he did such a terrible job on this one, and there was some pretty serious blowout. But, Anne (who is the most awesome tattooist EVER!) fixed it up for me. Last time I went down to see her, we talked about fixing it up, and I loved the idea that she came up with. 



How much better does that look!! The photo (as usual) doesn't really do it justice, it's so cool. She does such amazing work, she drew the design straight on my arm, and it's the most pleasant tattoo experience. I highly recommend her. 

Last night Jesse and I caught up for a drink with one of his friends at 399 Bar, then went to  Good Fortune for some duck. We got Peking Duck, and a roast combination. So good. We had a chuckle over the menu (It lists the address at Wlllllan St, Northbridge), then headed down to Mojo's in Fremantle. 

We caught the train down there, because my lovely mum and dad said they'd give us a lift home, and it sucked! I really hate the train! I really don't understand why they put the ticket machine so far away from the trains. And why it's so hard to get to the actual platform. We missed our train, by like 1 minute, because of this. This is why I always drive everywhere, it's just easier. Anyway, here is us on the train

We went to Mojo's to say bye to Justine, who is going to Melbourne. Justine has been Alex's best friend for many many years, and she is part of the family. Justine has been playing at Mojo's Open Mic Night solo for a little while, but last night, her and Alex put together a sort of 'super group' (check it, a video!). It was so amazing. Apparently they hadn't rehearsed together at all, but you couldn't tell, it sounded like they had been jamming for years. I could have listened to them play all night. Come back soon Justine, and play more shows like that. That last longer!!

It was such a fun night, even if I did have to catch the train. And, of course, I left a dinosaur at the bar

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