Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Family Dinners Make Me Happy

As I've mentioned many, many times before, I have a fantastic family. And my favourite times are when we all get together. Last night was one of those times (minus Sam, as he had to work, BOO!!). All up, there is 14 of us (only 13 there last night, though), and we always have a blast. This is also Jesse's first get together with all of us, and as my boyfriend, not just my best friend, he had a blast!

Mama & Papa

Elena, Tim & Merton

Jesse got angry at me for taking a picture of him looking at his phone

So, I took another one

Toby & Ivy busy playing games


I like that Abby is the only one paying attention!

L-R Grace, Toby, Ivy, Abby, Alex, Elena & Tim

So adorable!
It was, as always, an awesome night. I had ribs, and I forgot to photograph them before I stuffed them into my mouth!! And Grace and I shared a sticky date pudding. Delightful! I always come away from these get together's feeling full of love, and totally rejuvenated. I love these guys!

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