Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Date Night - Swallow Bar

We have been waiting for the new small bar, Swallow, to open for what feels like ages! They are just round the corner from home, in Maylands, and they opened their doors on Thursday. So, Jesse and I headed down there last night (Yep, they're open on Monday nights!). It really is tiny, we got there about 5.45pm, and managed to wrangle the last inside table. 

After Jesse nearly fainted at the wine list, we ordered a bottle, and some food. Oh the food.

Artichoke & Cheese Gratin

Deep fried Goats Cheese Salad

Corned Beef Croquettes
Beignet with Cinnamon Sugar & Grand Marnier Creme Anglais

We got some fries as well, but I didn't get a photo of them for some reason...anyway, the gratin was AMAZING. Actually, it was all amazing. I would like to try nearly everything on the menu, so will be going back to work our way through it. But, of course, my favourite was the Beignets. 

Photo of Jesse taking a photo
It was their first week open, and we were seriously impressed. Apart from the wine list, the food was flawless, and the service was friendly. The only gripe we had, and it is very small, is that they only had 1 dessert wine on the menu, and it wasn't a stand out. 

We'll definitely be heading back to Swallow, and it's a mega plus that they are so close to home, and open Mondays! 

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