Thursday, 26 July 2012

Things I Love Thursday

I swear it was only a couple a days ago when I was doing my last 'Thing I Love Thursday' post. The weeks are just flying by!!

Here's what I've found this week. It's much the same as what I always post, but I can't help it. I LOVE THEM!!

Via SoleStruck

Via SoleStuck

Via SoleStruck

I have just discovered Sole Struck. I love it. I love ugly shoes. I can't help it. And stupid high shoes, that I would probably never wear, but they are pretty to look at. Maybe I just need to dress up more?

Via Cute & Creepy

Via Cute & Creepy

I love Cute & Creepy. I have a few of her hair bows, and I just love them. These 2 are next on my list.

Via Style Me Pretty
Wowzers! What an awesome purple cake!

Via Amazon
Dad has just got me on to this book, and I started reading it a day or so ago, and I can't put it down. It's seriously interesting, and very easy to read. It presents a very good argument. 

I also started a tumblr  why I need all these things, I don't know. But I do. 

So, that's it for this Thursday. Jesse and I are heading out to see Stereoflower play at the Mustang Bar tonight. I'm super excited, I haven't seen them play for AGES!!

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