Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Revelation Round-Up Monday 9th July

We saw 2 movies on Monday night. The first one I really loved, and the second one, I liked some parts, but found some parts really boring. 

The Color Wheel - 'Wannabe news anchor JR (Carlen Altman) rarely sees her family, but now she needs her brother Colin (Alex Perry), to help her retrieve her belongings from her professor-turned-lover's apartment. What follows is a darkly comic road trip as the mismatched siblings squabble, fight and alienate almost everybody they meet, both too self-absorbed to see how obnoxious they may actually be. As the trip progresses the duo gradually come to confront each other and themselves'. - Both Jesse and I really enjoyed this film. It is darkly funny, and very clever. If you like Woody Allen, you'd probably enjoy this one. 

Love - 'Opening in the middle of the American Civil War as a soldier is asked to head west to see something extraordinary that has been discovered, Love rapidly shifts its action into the future. It's the mid 21st century and on the abandoned International Space Station astronaut Lee Miller is stranded high above the blue planet. As the vessel slowly orbits the Earth, Miller is stuck in the vastness of space and wondering what is transpiring below that has made communications die. As time passes so the astronaut starts to explore his new home where he chances upon a mysterious package.' - This film started off really quite interesting, but then it got slow, and it didn't really hold my attention. And then it got weird. Yeah, I really didn't enjoy this film. 

We are off to see a collection of short films tonight, which I'm really looking forward too, then 1 film Thursday, 2 Friday (including Mongolian Bling, which I'm super excited about) 2 on Saturday and Sunday.

And, in other news, my shoes arrived!

Aren't they lovely?!? I'm all over the flatforms at the moment. They are super comfortable. As well as these one, I have a green pair, and a hightop sneakers pair. I NEED MORE!

Well, I better be off. I've got to go get a new tyre put on my car. Don't forget about Things I Love Thursday tomorrow, and my business website will be launching soon! I'm so excited!

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