Monday, 30 July 2012

Date Night - The Classroom

Jesse has been on at me for months to go to The Classroom. And it's not that I haven't wanted to go, I've been badly wanting to go, I just never could make it. Until last night! Jesse finally got to take me there, and it was amazing!

For those of you who don't know about The Classroom, it's a small bar in north Perth decked out like a classroom. You can sit at desks, the menus are exercise books, the bar staff are 'teachers' the walls are adorned with drawings and vintage lunchboxes, and there is a tv playing cartoons.

We grabbed an exercise book, and ordered our food; Hand-cut shaker chips, dynamite dust & chipotle aioli; Pork sausages rolls with fennel & apple, apricot chutney; Baked beans & cheese jaffle; Serrano Jamon with fresh rockmelon, in-house ricotta & balsamic pearls;  10hr Bourbon beef short ribs, and our drinks, Jesse had a Principals Choice Manhattan (BBQ bourbon fat washed rye whiskey, house-infused sweet vermouth & bitters) and I got a Storm in a Tea Cup (Beefeater 24, orange liqueur, geen sencha tea syrup and botanical fog)

We snuggled in to a table and waited for our food. I flipped through the menu, and drew this

And then the food was ready!! It was so good. My favorites were the ribs (duh) and the jafffle. Jesse had to fight to get some ribs. We only ordered a small, and that was probably good considering the other stuff we ordered, but next time I'm getting a large. And a jafffle. And that's it.

10Hr Bourbon beef ribs (No need for pumpkin, just give us more ribs!)

Chips, and Sausage rolls

Serrano Jamon (Jaffle in the background!)

Baked Beans & cheese jaffle

Inside the jaffle. ALL THE GOODNESS!! 

Delicious, delicious ribs

I finished off the night with a Bad Apple (appletini!)

I seriously enjoyed The Classroom, and I know we will be going back there. A lot. It's such a lovely relaxed atmosphere, the staff are nice, and the food and drink are amazing. 

We are off to see the new Batman film tonight. I'm really super excited about it!

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