Thursday, 28 June 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Well, this past week has been one of the most interesting weeks I've ever had. But, more on that another time...I still managed to find a few little beauties that I love!

Via Shanalogic
I don't think that these dinosaur earring really need an explanation. 

Via Shanalogic
SO ADORABLE! It's a plush manatee! Manatee's are so great, and this little dude has it going on.
Via kidrobot

Yep. That's a giant plush cupcake!

Via Teddy Treasures

This dinosaur is actually what I set out looking for when I found all the other things. Hence all the amazing plush toys. I admit, although being at the late end of my 20's, I still love cuddly toys. I'm not ashamed!

That's all for today. I haven't had much time for looking longingly at things I want to buy!

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