Monday, 18 June 2012

A Photo A Day - Something We Don't Know About You

This photo was tough. There isn't much that people don't know about me. I'm not that bashful. But, something probably a lot of you don't know, was that on a whim, my Mum, Dad, and Brother, Alex, decided to go to Singapore for my 24th (REALLY? WAS IT THAT LONG AGO??!!?) birthday. We were literally sitting at lunch, and decided to book it. And, it remains one of the most fun times I've had. I couldn't pick just one photo, so I'm cheating :)

I insisted we have breakfast with the animals at the zoo

Mama & Papa. 2 of my most favourite people in the world.

Me and Alex

Alex. One of my favourite photos from the trip. Although, I believe it was completely posed! 

We just had such a fun time. We ate amazing food, saw amazing things (the Night Safari!! THE ZOO!) Alex and I took silly pictures of ourselves...Singapore is truly an amazing place to visit, the food alone is a reason to go there, not even mentioning the shopping, or the fact that the hotel we were staying in noticed on check-in that it was my birthday, and 2 days later, I had a box of chocolates, bottle of wine and a card in my room (on my actual birthday!). I think about this trip often, and really hope we can do it again sometime soon.

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