Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Isn't It Funny How Day by Day Nothing Changes, But When You Look Back, Everything Is Different

Wow! So much is going on in my life right now, and this year is just whizzing by so quickly.

I am slowly rediscovering who I am outside of a relationship, And I am loving that! 

I have big plans for my house once all of the boys stuff is moved out (which will hopefully be very soon). Firstly will be a paint job! I'm painting ALL the walls, and the doors! And probably the kitchen cupboards. And I'm hoping all my lovely family & friends will pitch in for a day and help me get it all done in one go, and I will give them beer and baked goods. Of course, before the painting will come the spring cleaning. I can't wait to have a really good clean out, and get everything in order. I like my house to be in order, and it's just not, and won't be until it is just my things. 

My business partner and I are furiously working on our business, we are hoping to have our website up and running very very soon (thanks mum!) we do have our facebook page running, and it's getting an amazing response. We are both so excited! We received our business name registration, and our logo's on Friday. 

As well as this, I have been catching up with friends, catching up on TV shows and movies, and of course seeing family. As well as starting my 12 week body transformation. I'm on to week 2, and feeling amazing. More on this later.

 Here are some photo's from my outings over the last few weeks. 

Jesse as a butterfly

Coolest skeleton ever! This is a dolphin!

Creme Brulee from Clarence's. So good! And that was the best biscotti I have ever had. It wasn't stale!

Dad's chocolate pot. The white top is all marshmallow

The birthday boy

Toby playing totem tennis

That's enough for now! I'm hoping to start a new weekly feature this week, so look out for that!

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