Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Photo A Day - On The Shelf

Things I Love Thursday

Well, this past week has been one of the most interesting weeks I've ever had. But, more on that another time...I still managed to find a few little beauties that I love!

Via Shanalogic
I don't think that these dinosaur earring really need an explanation. 

Via Shanalogic
SO ADORABLE! It's a plush manatee! Manatee's are so great, and this little dude has it going on.
Via kidrobot

Yep. That's a giant plush cupcake!

Via Teddy Treasures

This dinosaur is actually what I set out looking for when I found all the other things. Hence all the amazing plush toys. I admit, although being at the late end of my 20's, I still love cuddly toys. I'm not ashamed!

That's all for today. I haven't had much time for looking longingly at things I want to buy!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Things I Love Thursday

More lovely things that I love! I have been on the lookout for things to redecorate my bedroom with. And shoes, of course shoes!

Via Lark
 I think some bunting hanging over my bed is called for. Especially these cute polka dots!
Via Etsy
I don't really know why these prints are childrens decor. Because clearly they would be better suited in my bedroom. Clearly.
Via I Heart Guts
 A cute little plush brain! I die!

Via Asos
This adorable collar. I love the idea of removable collars. Brilliant.
Via Asos
Via Asos
Remember these beauties I posted a couple of weeks ago? They are on sale!! I want them so hard!

That's all for today. If you checked out my earlier post (A Photo A Day) you get to see a bit of my bedroom, and can see that is in need of redecorating!

A Photo A Day - Where I Slept

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Photo A Day - Favourite Photo You Have Ever Taken

HOW CAN I NARROW IT DOWN TO ONE??!?!?! I couldn't. I couldn't just post one photo here. I have many, many favourite photos. Photo's I look at occasionally and smile. Photos I look at to cheer me up when I'm sad. Here are a sample of my favourites.

Justine & Alex. Taken in NY when we had a carriage ride. I heart these 2 so much. 

Ok, I didn't take this photo, coz I'm in it, but still one of my favs. Me and Alex in Fere in France. 

Mum and Dad in NY. We discovered this wonder diner called Moonstruck. I asked them to smile, so Dad frowned. I love it. 

Ben & Alex. We sneaked Alex into the pub one night. I was such a responsible older sister.

Le Tour De Eiffel. It's so pretty at night all lit up. 

Jacob. It's hard to believe he was ever this little. So adorable.

Toby. He's so cheeky

Tim & Ivy. Now, I didn't take this photo, my Mum did. But I love it. And it was such a fun day.

Monday, 18 June 2012

A Photo A Day - Something We Don't Know About You

This photo was tough. There isn't much that people don't know about me. I'm not that bashful. But, something probably a lot of you don't know, was that on a whim, my Mum, Dad, and Brother, Alex, decided to go to Singapore for my 24th (REALLY? WAS IT THAT LONG AGO??!!?) birthday. We were literally sitting at lunch, and decided to book it. And, it remains one of the most fun times I've had. I couldn't pick just one photo, so I'm cheating :)

I insisted we have breakfast with the animals at the zoo

Mama & Papa. 2 of my most favourite people in the world.

Me and Alex

Alex. One of my favourite photos from the trip. Although, I believe it was completely posed! 

We just had such a fun time. We ate amazing food, saw amazing things (the Night Safari!! THE ZOO!) Alex and I took silly pictures of ourselves...Singapore is truly an amazing place to visit, the food alone is a reason to go there, not even mentioning the shopping, or the fact that the hotel we were staying in noticed on check-in that it was my birthday, and 2 days later, I had a box of chocolates, bottle of wine and a card in my room (on my actual birthday!). I think about this trip often, and really hope we can do it again sometime soon.

A Spoonful Of Sugar...

Week 3! Week 3 of my super intense 12 week body transformation! I am so glad that I stumbled across this program, and that I decided to take the plunge and join. I am in the rhythm of exercising every morning, and I'm following my nutrition plan to the letter. And I am getting the results, YAY! And as I near (If I have not already passed, weigh in day in Wednesday) the 10kg loss mark, I've decided I need some mini rewards. I am working hard, so why not treat my achievements along the way? Nothing too major, just a little 'well done', things I've wanted for a while. 

10kg loss - Cocktail! I am seeing Mulder on Thursday night, so hopefully I will be able to enjoy them both together.

15kg loss - New iPhone cover I've had my eye on.

HALFWAY! - Dinner at Rockpool.

25kg loss - 2 books I've wanted for ages

30kg loss - Jurassic Park Blu-Ray box set

GOAL! -  Degustation dinner at Restaurant Amuse, a new tattoo (one I have been planning since this journey began) and a massive shopping spree! I'm talking dresses, underwear, stockings, skirts, tops...EVERYTHING!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Photo A Day - In My Bag

Purse, sunglasses, headphones, hairbrush, torch, dinosaurs, maracas, cupcake stickers. And my iPhone, which I was using to take the photo!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Photo A Day - Out & About

I went shopping and to lunch with Corrina today. We got home, and sat down to have a coffee, and this is what happened (I know technically I'm inside a house, but it's not my house, so I'm still out!)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Photo A Day - Time

Things I Love Thursday

I am on to my second week of the 12WBT program. I am feeling amazing! I have already decided I will be signing up for the next round. And because of this, I am starting to look at pretty dresses that I will be able to fit into by summer. And this excites me. As well as pretty dresses, I have been looking at prints to decorate my walls once I've painted my house, and reorganised everything. Here are this things I've fallen in love with this week.

Via Romwe

Via Romwe

Via Society6

Via Society6

Via Society6

Come one! It's batman riding a dinosaur!!

And finally, I came across this yesterday, and I think it's quite amazing. And would love to hang one on my living room wall

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Photo A Day - Art

Today's photo is of 2 paintings that my nephew Jacob has painted me. These hang on the wall near my bed. They are quite often the first things I see when I open my eyes, and they always make me smile.

A Photo A Day - From A Low Angle

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Isn't It Funny How Day by Day Nothing Changes, But When You Look Back, Everything Is Different

Wow! So much is going on in my life right now, and this year is just whizzing by so quickly.

I am slowly rediscovering who I am outside of a relationship, And I am loving that! 

I have big plans for my house once all of the boys stuff is moved out (which will hopefully be very soon). Firstly will be a paint job! I'm painting ALL the walls, and the doors! And probably the kitchen cupboards. And I'm hoping all my lovely family & friends will pitch in for a day and help me get it all done in one go, and I will give them beer and baked goods. Of course, before the painting will come the spring cleaning. I can't wait to have a really good clean out, and get everything in order. I like my house to be in order, and it's just not, and won't be until it is just my things. 

My business partner and I are furiously working on our business, we are hoping to have our website up and running very very soon (thanks mum!) we do have our facebook page running, and it's getting an amazing response. We are both so excited! We received our business name registration, and our logo's on Friday. 

As well as this, I have been catching up with friends, catching up on TV shows and movies, and of course seeing family. As well as starting my 12 week body transformation. I'm on to week 2, and feeling amazing. More on this later.

 Here are some photo's from my outings over the last few weeks. 

Jesse as a butterfly

Coolest skeleton ever! This is a dolphin!

Creme Brulee from Clarence's. So good! And that was the best biscotti I have ever had. It wasn't stale!

Dad's chocolate pot. The white top is all marshmallow

The birthday boy

Toby playing totem tennis

That's enough for now! I'm hoping to start a new weekly feature this week, so look out for that!