Wednesday, 23 May 2012


So, a little while ago I posted about what I do. And now, I'm going to introduce my brand new business. My business partner, Aaron, and I have been busy working on this new venture, and we are super pleased to announce it!

We are called Brain². This is an amazingly exciting time for both of us as we make the transition into running our own business. We have been lucky enough to be given a huge amount of help from where we are currently working (we are basically taking over the current business, re-branding and revamping!) and we are hoping to take the world by storm with our awesome neurofeedback powers! And by that I mean, make neurofeedback more accessible to EVERYONE!

We are going to be introducing packages, but the most exciting this we have to offer, and it's ready to be offered, is our Gold Card. It's a membership to Brain², which is paid for monthly, and you can come as much as you want within that month (limited to 1 session per day), so you could come every single day! And, we will guarantee you an appointment. It's an amazing offer. 

Our website isn't up yet (my amazing mum will be working on that soon!) but, we do have a facebook page, you can visit it by clicking right here.

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