Monday, 14 May 2012

2 Bands in 2 Clubs in 1 Night

My littlest brother bought me a ticket to see Atmosphere for my birthday, and Friday night was the night! I was super excited all day. Not just to see the band, but also to hang out with my brothers. 

Since Atmosphere wasn't on until 11.20pm (I know right!), and Stereoflower was playing a show beforehand, my brother Tim and I set off to see them play. It was a great start to a super fun night. I got these photos (Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that's my littlest brother up there!)

I hadn't seen Stereoflower play for a little while, so it was super good to hear them. But, as soon as they finished, we hopped it on down to the Atmosphere gig. Wow, it was amazing. So much emotion, but totally no nonsense playing. 

While the brothers headed down the front, into the crowd of people, I preferred to hang back a bit. I find I enjoy shows WAY more when I'm away from the mass of people. It means I can usually see (I'm short, and lets face it, tall people ALWAYS stand in front of you), and I'm comfortable. This time, I managed to snag a seat of a big comfy couch that gave me a complete unrestricted view of the stage and the band. It was the best way for me to fully enjoy it. And I did!

I didn't get home until nearly 2am! Which, if you know me, is quite unusual. When I got home, I was super buzzing from such a fun night, so I got a late night snack and snuggled up in bed to watch TV. It was an awesome end to an awesome night. 

Big thanks to Alex for the ticket, and a big thanks to Tim & Alex and everyone who made it one of the best nights I have had in a long time!

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