Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chocolate IS Good For You

So, I've been eating pretty much nothing but chocolate since Thursday last week (it's Easter, I'm allowed) and I have actually lost weight. Thereby proving that chocolate IS good for you!

I really don't know where to start. I've got a few recipes and things to post, so I'm going to do one a day over the next few days, otherwise this post might go on FOREVER! I hope everyone had a really awesome Easter. I did. I spring cleaned my house, I saw the family, I watched lots of horror films, I ate lots of chocolate. While I was spring cleaning, I found a bag of knitting stuffed under the wardrobe, so I pulled it out and got to work on finishing it

It's looking pretty good so far, and I'm glad I found it, and I was about to start a new project, and I much prefer finishing off old ones first.

Anyway, maybe I'll start at the beginning! Thursday afternoon after I finished work, I decided to be brave and head to the shops to do the food shopping, so I wouldn't have to do it on Saturday. It was chaos. I really don't understand how the shops being closed for 1 day can make people panic so much. If this is what they are like on the night before Good Friday, I don't want to see what they are like on the night before the zombie Apocalypse. But I was brave, and I struggled through. By the time I got home though, any plans I had for the night were thrown out the window, and I decided to watch The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast instead!

Friday morning I went for a walk around the river, then got stuck into the house. Of course the Boy doesn't like me putting his things away (I don't put them in the proper place) so I'm still waiting for him to clean his area, but they house is looking lovely! Friday night I made lamb burgers. Oh man, these are so good! I buy enough mince to make 6 patties, and then I freeze whatever patties I have left to use another time. I used lamb, but you can use beef too (I wanted to use beef actually, but apparently beef mince is essential food for stocking up on when the shops are closed for 1 day)


1 cup breadcrumbs
2 tbsp milk
500g mince (either lamb or beef)
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
salt & pepper
Nice round rolls 
Greens (I usually use rocket)
Vintage cheddar
Dill pickles
1/2 cup whole-egg mayo
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tsp tarragon leaves


Make your breadcrumbs by putting some day or 2 old bread in a food processor and blitzing. About 1 large slice will make 1 cup. Put these in a bowl and add your milk, let that stand for a bit. 
In another bowl, mix your mayo, Dijon mustard and tarragon leaves and set aside. 

Add to your breadcrumbs your mince, garlic, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce and salt & pepper and mix with your hands until it's all combined. Then shape into 6 evenly sized patties. Keep whatever your are using aside, and place the left over patties in a plastic container, separated by some baking paper, and store in the fridge (if you will be using within a couple of days) or in the freezer. 
Cook the patties for 4 minutes each side (or until cooked to your liking)

I left the mushroom out of the ingredients because I hate mushroom, and I don't think it should be added to anything, but the Boy wanted one. 

While the burgers are cooking, cut your rolls in half and spread some of your mayo over one half

The add some greens, and place your pattie on top of the greens

Then top with your vintage cheddar. You'll notice in the next picture that my cheese is less vintage looking, and more slice looking, that is because, apparently vintage cheese is also very important to horde (or maybe it's just because Coles suck balls and never have ANYTHING on their shelves, or maybe it was my fault for going to Coles, and not one of the good shops I usually frequent)

Once you've added your cheese, pop the top of the bun on top, move to a plate, and serve with a pickle. This must be a Dill pickle, because if you are buying anything that isn't a dill pickle, like sweet and sour for instance, you clearly have no taste whatsoever, and shouldn't be making this burger (I joke, I joke, I just really hate anything that isn't a dill pickle)

I put the one with the gross mushroom at the back! hehe. Anyway, this was soooo good, that I made another one for lunch on Saturday and ate it in between all the chocolate eating :)

I also made a Banoffee Pie on Saturday to take up to my parents house on Sunday. I followed pretty much the same recipe as I posted here but I made a different base. It's totally easy, all I did was grease and line a spring form pan, blitz a packet of granita biscuits in a food processor, 

add a cup of melted butter and blitz for a bit more, then press the crumbs into the pan

Whack that in the fridge for an hour or longer, fill it with your caramel

Put this back in the fridge until it's firm. I left mine overnight Saturday night. Then Sunday morning, after my walk, I topped it with bananas

I left the cream off until I got to mum and dads. It's easier to travel with it. But when I did put the cream on, this is what it looked like

So good! You can see my sisters in the background eagerly wishing it was time for pie. It wasn't time for pie. Dad had made chopped liver and Salt Beef with honey rainbow carrots, broccoli, and potatoes. oh the goodness. So so much goodness!

I actually got to my parents place really early on Sunday, partly because I had gotten up early to go for a walk and leave time for the Boy to get ready, but he was sick, and didn't come, so I left early. It was good. I got to lay out the egg hunt for my nephews, so much fun!!

It's funny how four days off feels so much shorter than four days at work. And I felt like this weekend just flew by. Sure, I did almost everything on my list (including some things that weren't on there), but it just feels too short for some reason. Maybe because I love our family gatherings and eating good hearty food. Ah well, it's my birthday in 2 weeks, so I won't have to wait long for the next gathering!

Yes, that's right, only 2 weeks till my birthday! I'm starting to get excited now. Starting to plan the food. I've also got a few days off, so I'm starting to think of stuff to do. April is a good month, it's also the Boy and my anniversary on Thursday. This would be a good opportunity for flower and a surprise picnic....I can daydream!

Anyway, I'm going to leave it here. There will be a few posts this week, so if you like it, watch this space!

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