Saturday, 28 April 2012

Birthdays Are Fun!

So, it was my birthday on Wednesday. I had the most fun day I have had in a long time. And, I want to thank everyone who helped me celebrate, and everyone who sent me birthday wishes. I was so spoilt! 

My celebrations actually started on Tuesday night, when my friends Jesse and Matt took me to El Publico for Tequila and Tacos! El Publico is a small bar in Highgate that specialises in tequila. The service was outstanding, the tacos were amazing, and the Paloma cocktails with house made grapefruit soda were so yummy that I drank 3 of them! I ate the Tasajo grilled cheese taco, which was a steak taco with grilled cheese. And the Fried Chickpeas with tortilla salt....I have no words. Here are some photos. (please excuse the quality, it was super dark!)

Then it was home to drink Calvados! Jesse and I bought each other half a bottle each for our birthday presents to each other (we are born only 9 days apart. He thinks that give him the edge, it doesn't).

THEN IT WAS WEDNESDAY AND MY BIRTHDAY!!! I woke up early and made up a heap of food. Flutes & Brioche from Jean-Claude filled with delicious things, and headed to the park near my house for a picnic. This was the most fun picnic I think I've ever had. Heaps of people came, my dad made chopped liver and my sister made my birthday cake. This cake was seriously amazing. I got to hang out with everyone who is dear to me, I got lots of cuddles from my niece and nephews and I got to drink Prosecco from a plastic cup! I didn't get any photo's from the picnic :( If anyone has photo's from the picnic, please give them to me!!

But, the day wasn't over yet! After a brief rest at home, Me and Jesse and Mum and Dad headed down to Mojo's in Fremantle to see my brothers do their thing. Their band is called Mulder (yes, after Fox) and you can check them out here. Then a burger next door at Flipside, before settling in at home with a cup of tea (from my new kettle!) and the X-Files. It was an awesome way to spend my birthday! 

I also got some AMAZING gifts!

Cupcakes Abby made

Birthday Cake (Thanks Grace!!!)

Fluted pie dish

Cupcake ring Abby made (came with a matching brooch!)


Creme Brulee tea

Tea pot & cup set

Gorgeous handmade made trinkets

Ticket to see Atmosphere!

Space water bottle

Australian Recipe book - 1868-1950. Amazing!

Dita water!

New lover.

Plus! I got a gift card, a photo shoot session and a tumble dryer! I told you I was spoilt!

And! That's not even all!! Thursday I spent my voucher on a onesie! a onesie!! It's amazing. Butt flap and all! And I treated myself to a new tattoo! It's a cute little dinosaur on the back of my arm. I am in love, he is so adorable. 

My mum has told me she's got pictures from the picnic. I'll get them off her and put them up in a separate post. Wow, what an amazing few days I've had!

Well, I have a giant cup of tea in front of me waiting to be drunk, so I'm going to leave this post here. I'll add picnic photos as soon as I've got them. Thanks again to everyone who helped me celebrate!

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