Monday, 12 March 2012

I Love a Good List

Around this time, I start to get terribly excited. You see, it's only a little over a month until my birthday. I know I'm getting slightly (only slightly) too old to get this excited. But I can't help it. Birthday, Easter, Christmas; I get as excited as I was when I was little. Well, maybe not as excited, I can sleep the night before now! And while this year is not any sort of 'special' birthday (still 2 years away from the big 30...I have mixed feelings about this, I want to turn 30 as I feel I've accomplished quite a lot in my 20's, but, I won't be in my 20's anymore) I'm still very much looking forward to it. 

I start to make lists. I love lists, and I find any, ANY, excuse to make a list. I have all sorts of wish lists of things that I want. And around this time, I start going through them all, and picking things that people can (realistically) buy me for my birthday. These lists are full of things I've coveted for ages, some things have been on there for years, YEARS! And, while I understand that things like a 3 series BMW, is something I"m going to have to buy myself, and not expect someone else to buy for me, it's been on there for a good 5 years. It will be ticked off one day. 

This years list is full of cute little things, like this lamp, and flamingos. I also made up 10 little things I want the boy to buy me. I made this up while lying in bed one night, and now I have to have them. This is the list:

a little goat
a little llama
a little duck
4 little elephants
a little chicken
a little hippo and
a little piggy

I would actually love literal miniature versions of these animals, that you can pick up and carry around in your pocket, but I don't know that such a thing as teacup elephants exist :(

Although if they did, I would totally make them swim around in my giant teacup with a Loch Ness Monster head on their trunks.

Pinterest has also made it additively easy to list the things I want. Or 'pin' them, as the case may be. It makes you spend hours on the Internet hunting down things you want, just so you can pin them (you can see mine here). And then, you can spend even more hours pouring over things other people have pinned, and repinning them to your boards. I confess, I love it. And, I get a little thrill every time someone repins one of my pins. 

So, I make all these lists, I spend hours looking at things to add to the list, and making sure then things I want actually do exist, and providing the web links to people so they can buy it, and really, any thing that's a bit quirky, pink, sparkly or is adorned with a pinup girl or a cupcake, I'm going to fall instantly in love with. 

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