Wednesday, 7 March 2012

1 Down 15 To Go!

It's official. I've crossed something off The List of Goodness! Number 3 - Do something with my hair (The list has been updated to reflect this). I am now sporting (rather well, even if I do say so myself) cerise pink hair. I love it. I have also had quite a bit of length taken off, mostly at the back. I did wake up this morning with pink EVERYWHERE. I have a pink neck, pink shoulders and pink ears, and the boy just let me know he has a pink arm, from where my head was resting on in while we slept (awww)

So this is a before and after type post, and the grand unveiling of my new hair

The Beginning.

The first lightening

The second lightening

The third lightening, and 'inbetween' colour

TA DA! End result

And again (you can see some of my pink shoulder & neck)

So, that's 1 item down, only 15 to go!

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