Wednesday, 22 February 2012

So Long Black Hair...

I have officially lost 5kg as of Monday! Yay, go me!I'm starting to notice it in my clothes, which is a great feeling. I am also really loving this exercise thing. I missed my walk yesterday morning, and felt fuzzy all day. 

So, operation 'Remove Black Hair Dye' is underway. At the moment I have light orange hair (with bright blonde roots!) Here is a picture. 

I will have to wear it like this for a few days, bleaching it 2 days in a row has left me with a giant fuzz ball, and lots of broken hair (which I'm not overly upset about because I decided to get a chop anyway) today and tomorrow will be full of deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments to bring some of the moisture back, and get the frizz down (seriously, afro city) but, I'm happy with the progress so far. Hopefully by this time next week I'll be sporting cupcake pink hair :)

Also, also, also, my amazing new teefury t-shirt arrived yesterday. I found this design on another site, and hoped and prayed that it would come up on teefury, and it did, so I bought it! ahhhh Coop....

Anyway, just a short update. I have some time off in the next few days, and I'm planning on gardening, and baking.

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