Monday, 30 January 2012

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

It has been unbearably hot in Perth this last week. Too hot to do anything except sit very still in front on the aircon. Far too hot to cook, or Bake. Still, I did venture out once or twice, to other air conditioned venues.

Wednesday night I went to Billy Lee's with some friends. This is always a fun outing, the food is always good, cheap, and the menu's provide endless amusement. They've got new menus, which is good, because, as my Friend was telling me, on time he went there, only to have the menu say 'Belly Lee's'. Before ordering a mountain of food (including schezuan beef, Duck in vinegar sauce, and BBQ pork) we scrutinised the menu try to find the funniest error. We came upon the gold 'Fired rice - lager with ham' immediately my friend turned to me and said 'we need to make this. We need to make a literal interpretation of fired rice lager with ham'. And I don't doubt that we will, one day.

Thursday, being the Australia Day public holiday, I wanted to avoid going anywhere there might be crowds of people drinking, and no airconditioning, so my boy, my Mum and my Dad and I all went to see a movie. We saw Hugo in 3D. I try to avoid 3D, but it was so well done in this film. Hugo was one of the most beautiful and enjoyable films I have seen in a long while. No violence (and don't get me wrong, I'm more than partial to the torture porn genre of film, although I think 7 Saw films is too many Saw films), no nudity, no swearing. It was a beautiful tale, told in a beautiful way, about things I really love.

Saturday brought with it a trip to my folks, everyone decided to head up, escape the heat, hang out and have a swim. I got too see my Sister, my 2 nephews, 2 of my brothers, my sister in law, and my niece. Life is so much more fun with little ones. We all headed down to the pool, my nephews have no fear, as soon as they saw the water they ran and jumped in (well, Jacob did, Toby needed some help getting over the edge into the water, but he was just as keen). Even my Mum came in, which is a big deal, she usually complains 'it's too cold' even when it's 45C out.

Toby, wanting food, after a big swim!

A lunch of BBQ sausages, fresh baguette from the French bakery, and Champagne followed. Then I couldn't resist having a little nap on the couch, in the aircon, after 2 sleepless nights due the the heat in my own house.

And how better to end a relaxing Saturday, than an evening on the couch with the boy watching horror films? We opted for classics, and went with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Dawn of The Dead.

I also took some photos of things that I love:

I love this boy.

Major Tom, my mischievous bunny rabbit. He likes to hog the couch and the aircon, when he thinks no one is looking.

Our orange moose, affectionately named 'Mr Porpoise'

Other Bunny. He turned up outside our door one day over a year ago, and has lived in our complex gardens ever since. We make sure he's always got water.

One of my closest friends. He decided last night to wear my sunglasses.

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